Each year our signature event takes place in the later part of the summer. The event, called Road To Recovery, covers roughly 2km for each Military, Police, Paramedic and Firefighter lost the year before. Typically this results in around 150 to 160km.

It is our hope that one day this event will be a short trek. Yet, every day these professions put themselves at risk for us and sometimes they don’t come home, so we honor them in this way. The event itself moves around, the first year (2013) honored every military member we lost in the Global War on Terror. The route was from Hamilton, ON to Parry Sound, ON traversing over 300km carrying bricks engraved with the names of the fallen.

Each year since, we’ve continued the tradition of doing a ruck march to honor the fallen of the year before. This is not simply a feel good exercise, we also use the event to reduce the hardship that some of our military and, police veterans face. During the months leading up to the event we raise money for Operation: Leave The Streets Behind, a charity maintained by the Royal Canadian Legion.

Operation: Leave The Streets Behind helps military and, police veterans facing homelessness to get back on to their feet. So far, this program helped to get over 1100 different veterans transitioned off the streets and into permanent sustainable housing. We are looking forward to even greater success as we move forward

This Years Event

As this is our tenth annual event we’re doing something a little special this year, as opposed to our usual 2km for each Veteran and first responder lost we’re going to do a 3 day contest pitting teams 4 people each against each other with the winner claiming the title of “Inaugural Toughest Mother Rucker”. Day 1 will be a 35km ruck for time, your time stops when the last team member crosses the finish. Day 2 will be another 35km ruck for time, same rules as day 1 bringing all teams together in Wiarton. Day 3 will be physical skills contest with each contest allocating points to the best team and best individual. Those contests will be as follows:

  • Pushups
  • Situps
  • Sandbag Race
  • Canoe PT
  • Kims Games
  • Farmers Carry
  • Rock Pick and Paint
  • Tug of War

Proceeds from the registration and fundraising events will all go towards “Operation Leave the Streets Behind” , a charity run by the Royal Canadian Legion that works to get and keep Veterans off the streets. Interested in Participating?