This year our focus is on the 2nd Annual V.E.T. Market and Skills Competition

2 days of Veteran Owned, Operated, and Focused businesses by the beautiful Wiarton Waterfront. This year the event will take place during the Wiarton Homecoming Weekend festival so in addition to the V.E.T. Market you will also be able to see the best that the beautiful Bruce Peninsula has to offer. Food, music, beer garden and more will be taking place in and around the V.E.T. Market.

Then, on the Monday, we will have the team based skills competition which will begin at 10am with a 13km Ruck March, followed by max sit ups and max push ups in 2mins, and then a tug of war between the teams!

Team Requirements: Each team must consist of 4 people (Men and/or Women) and be registered to their respective team pages. All members must carry a ruck during the 13km ruck march (35lbs (Dry) for Females, 45lbs (Dry) for males )

Scoring: Ruck timing begins when the team steps off the starting point and ends when the FINAL member of the team crosses the finish line. 5 points for first place, 3 points for second place and 1 point for all teams that finish with a bonus point awarded to any team that finishes in less than 2hrs and 26minutes (The Canadian Armed Forces Battle Fitness Test Standard)

Max pushups and sit-ups are scored by adding the TOTAL number of each exercise completed by each member of the team. 5 points for first place, 3 points for 2nd place and 1 point for all other teams

Tug of War is an elimination style tournament with the first place team receiving 5points, the second place team receiving 3 points and all other participants receiving 1 point.

Finally, fundraising is the name of the day, so the top fundraising team receives 8 points, the second place receives 6 points, and all teams that raised at least $500 get 3 points.

This is a fundraising event with proceeds going toward “Operation: Leave the Streets Behind” a Royal Canadian Legion run program that assists veterans in getting off the streets and staying off them.




When: August 3rd to 5th, 2024

Where: The Event will take place at Bluewater Park, Wiarton ON.

What: 2 Days for the V.E.T. Market and 1 day for the team based skills competition.

Cost: *FREE*

Participating in the skills competition has no cost but there is an expectation that all teams fundraise leading up to the event.

A booth at the V.E.T. market operates on a “Pay what you can” model with all proceeds going toward “Operation: Leave the streets behind”.